Benefits of joining the NOC

Become a member of the Norton Owners Club and access our spares scheme which specialises in sourcing and manufacture of parts which are not easily available or obsolete.

This service is only available to members.

The Club has arrangments with other organisations who offer discounts and other benefits to NOC Members.  These include motorcycle insurance.

Membership, which includes a monthly copy of our excellent magazine "Roadholder", can be arranged for less than £20.00 a year! If you're not a Member yet, you can join at

  1. Monthly full-colour magazine – what’s up-coming, what’s just happened, what happened in the past. Norton Characters, News, Technical stuff, adverts for bikes ‘n’ bits. Where we meet. Who can provide what help and advice etc. Information, Entertainment, Education, Enjoyment.
  2. Spares Scheme for those otherwise ‘unobtainium’ parts for your pride and joy, delivered to your door.
  3. Machine dating and history – we hold the official factory records for all Nortons bar later Commandos, and can identify and date your ‘barn-find’, supplying dealer and first purchaser details etc. And can help with getting your bike ‘officially’ back on the road, with information the DVLA will require before you’re able to do so.
  4. Technical Advice Service – our expert-members can help you get to the bottom of problems with your bike / re-build, and offer handy-hints on how to overcome difficulties in dismantling and assembly, correct paint-colours etc
  5. Spares Discounts - many suppliers offer NOC members discounts on parts and services; every little helps, as someone once said!!!
  6. Events, Rallies and Camaraderie – throughout the riding season, and up and down the land, the NOC organises rallies and events, and attends events organised by others, such as historic vehicle shows. These provide opportunities to ride your Norton to meet-up with like-minded fellows, and / or to display your pride’n’joy to appreciative others.
  7. Website – tons and tons of information and advice on all aspects of acquiring , restoring, running and even selling-on Nortons of every shade and hue, from 1907 to today. And on what’s going on in the Norton Owners Club from Lands-End to John O’Groats, and overseas. Interactive forums covering a myriad topics for you to take from and add to.
  8. Local Branches – we have around 30 UK Branches, from the Tamar Valley in the Deep West, to Kent in the Deep South-East, and up to the Tay Valley in Bonnie Scotland, offering opportunities to meet with fellow Norton enthusiasts, swap war-stories over a pint, try and borrow special tools, and get and give advice on maintenance and rebuilds, maybe even get hold of parts or find a customer for parts you may have surplus to your needs. And many run their own events through the year.
  9. Affiliations – the NOC is a member of the Federation of Historic British Vehicles Clubs (FHBVC), the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG) and the British Motorcycling Federation (BMF)